Xiaomi, Oppo e Vivo estão trabalhando em um sistema de transferência de arquivos

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are working on a file transfer system.

Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo are working together to create a data transfer system for their smartphones. The protocol uses Bluetooth to pair the devices and must be able to reach speeds of up to 20MB / s. Companies also stressed that it does not need data networking and that it consumes a lot of battery.

It seems that the technology uses WiFi connection to assist in the transfer of files, as well as the system used by Apple, AirDrop.


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The companies together own 49 percent of the Chinese market, according to the report of the Counterpoint research June this year. Each has its operating system based on Android, Xiaomi (MIUI), Oppo (ColorOS) and Vivo (FuntouchOS). By creating a management application for the new protocol, companies will be able to have greater control over the service offered and better customize the user experience.

It can also be, according to the The Verge, an option to the model proposed by Google, which retired NFC-based Android Beam and works to debut the Fast share. Google's new file transfer technology will be integrated with Google Play, which may explain why the Chinese giants are working together to create something of their own.

Although these three companies together get a large market share, there is still a very important name that would be helpful. Huawei has not yet made any statement about participating in this protocol under development. Alone, the company owns 34 percent of the Chinese market, according to last quarter's report. However, the brand already has Huawei Share and maybe even in the future, do not join this club.

A combination of companies will help make the process of communicating between different brands simple and, if it becomes popular, can draw attention to others.

The system developed by the three comes to the end of the month still in beta and is currently being called the Inter-Tranfer Alliance.

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