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Modern Combat 5: Blackout another excellent game from one of the most successful franchises on the App Store. Like the other members of the family, their graphics are excellent!

The story is quite interesting. A terrorist group called «World Liberation Army» attacked Venice three weeks ago and Phoenix, the main character in the game, suspects that the same company that hired him to investigate the attack is behind the attack.

Two game modes are available: Career and Multiplayer. Four classes of soldiers are present: «Assault», «Recon», «Heavy» and «Sniper», each unlocked after its evolution in the game. For each mission, objectives are presented to the player and for each item completed, a new reward is given. The evolution takes place according to the result of each mission, as the stars of the challenges are gathered and transformed into the necessary experience to unlock the new items and soldiers. The weapons are customizable, with sights, combs, etc.

Check out the trailer for Modern Combat 5: Blackout!

Take advantage of the unfortunately unavailable offer in the Brazilian store and good luck on your missions!

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Below more applications which together add up $ 39 off:


Goat Simulator app icon

Goat simulator.

Benjamin Wings HD app icon

Many air combats.

Sorry, app not found.

Escape the elevator.

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Explore the world in a different way.

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A new type of location assistant.

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Track your actions.

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Create bizarre photo combinations.

IReminder - Mastermind Edition app icon

Reminders on your iGadget.


File List Export app icon

Create lists of files of all types.

Background Eraser app icon

Erase the backgrounds of your photos.

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