the iPod was created and launched in just ten months

Curiosity: the iPod was created and launched in just ten months

As we can imagine, creating a product is not an easy task and demands, among thousands of things, time – even more so if it is the first release of that lineage, when nothing similar exists until then.

In this sense, we can imagine that the first iPhone (launched in 2007) or even the iPod (released in 2001) must have taken a long time to create – which may be true in the first case, but not quite in the second.

In fact, the first iPod was created and launched in the same year, in just ten months, as detailed by the former Apple executive (and “father of the iPod”), Tony Fadell. The iPod creation “timeline” was shared by Stripe’s CEO Patrick Collison, who requested information on the development of the iPod. gadget for Fadell.

I asked Tony Fadell about the iPod timeline for my quick projects page. Summary: ?.

Fadell joined Apple in the first week of 2001, when he became the chief consultant for the iPod. He went on to work full time in the second week of April and quickly found a manufacturer in Asia; the first employee of the team was hired in the second week of May. Finally, the company launched the iPod in the fourth week of October and started shipping the first units of the gadget in the first week of November.

The rapid development and production of the iPod falls short of Apple’s current schedule, meaning that although the company has far more resources now than it did two decades ago, the scale of product launches forces Apple to extend its schedules for several reasons, including large-scale production, guarantee of product safety and reliability.

Incredible, huh?

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