It will soon be possible to transfer money via WhatsApp

The money transfer function in messaging applications is not new. In the United States, for example, Facebook's Messenger already has a money-sharing feature, as well as iMessage, which will be integrated with Apple Pay on iOS 11, will offer the same function. The good news that Brazilians, who mostly use WhatsApp every day, will be able to try this tool soon.

As you may already know, the transfer of money through messaging applications requires numerous changes in the messenger structure, which must provide a safe and well integrated banking environment. The user needs to have an account linked to the app, either a checking account or a virtual wallet, after all, the money needs to go out somewhere.

It is precisely under these conditions that Banco do Brasil offers a feature within WhatsApp, aimed primarily at groups of people wishing to split accounts. Called "Pay or Receive", the feature will be accessible from the bank application home screen, and will generate a QR code with customer data. This code will contain the user's bank details, the date stipulated by the user for receipt or payment, and the amount of the procedure.

Money-sharing the most interesting news that WhatsApp will win this year.

The other user, that is, the person who receives this QR code through WhatsApp, will be able to see all data sent, thus preventing erroneous information from being exchanged, such as the CPF, the full name of the client, agency number and account. Now, you might be wondering about your privacy in this process, right?

Please be aware that upon receiving a code, the person can only authorize a payment or transfer of money with the payer's permission. So if I ask Camila Rinaldi for money, she has to open the bank app and confirm the payment by entering her password or fingerprint. This will eliminate various problems by authenticating or validating this transaction.

Of course, caution should be taken with scams, as it will always be safer to transfer money to a contact you often talk to on WhatsApp. #ficadica

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