test of the third episode of the series

Game of Thrones "Pedang dalam Kegelapan": tes episode ketiga dari seri

The first two episodes of Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones saga had some weaknesses, but the third edition “The Sword in the Darkness” pleased me a lot. So, this is the best time to get started on the adventures of the Android game. The test below shows more details.

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Jon Snow doesn’t know anything new. / © Telltale Games

The game

Game of Thrones: The Sword of Darkness for Android is the sequel to “The Lost Lords”. In it, we find the members of Casa Forrester, who fight for power of influence and for their own survival. In the game Gared Tuttle appears again, who receives a complicated task and finds a soldier with whom he has a conflict.

What amuses

Finally the story packs! The first two episodes also had interesting moments, but the mini-games were often boring and the story didn’t develop. These stumbles do not exist in «The Sword of Darkness». No story is weak, and it’s finally fun to accompany Mia Forrester, who is looking for alliances at King’s Landing.

2832943 drogon cave 1920x1080

Third Episode: now with dragons. / © Telltale Games

In the second episode, I found some conversations very boring and ended up losing my concentration. In the third, however, this did not happen at any time. It brings more decisions to be made, and they make history evolve in a remarkable way.

Another positive point: as in the first episode, there is an event that changes the direction of the fight for the throne, both in the HBO series and in the game.

What irritates

My reservations here are the same as in the first two games, except for criticism of the story. The graphics are still very modest, the animations are not very elaborate and the controls are not very precise. Compared to the first two episodes, these aspects didn’t bother me much, as the events in Quick-Time are not numerous.

2832947 tree 1920x1080

The graphics could be better. / © Telltale Games


Game of Thrones: The Sword of Darkness reconciled me to the Telltale Games saga. The third episode captured my attention entirely, and I was never bored as I was in the first two. Especially the story involving Mia really pleased me this time, and the events with Gared Tuttle and Casa Forrester are also exciting.

Despite this, the game doesn’t look better than the others, and the animations are problematic. Luckily, scenes that required a lot of graphics were not used. In short: continue on this path, Telltale Games!

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  • Tested with: Nexus 9
  • Price: R $ 15.61 (on March 26, 2015)
  • Player: 1
  • Android version: 2.33 or higher
  • Size: varies by device
  • English language