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Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition receive Android 4.3



9 days after the official announcement of Android 4.3, users of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition, which use the pure version of the Google platform, have started to receive alerts for the update.

Although the system has no modifications – the same version available on the Nexus line – the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition models have their updates controlled by their respective manufacturers, Samsung and HTC.

This is a clear example that if manufacturers used the pure version of Android, updates would be extremely fast and competitive. Google could also launch news more frequently, just like Chrome and its automatic updates.

However, the arrival of Moto X with Android 4.2.2 shows that even within the Mountain View giant, things don’t seem to go any faster. And because of that, they have already announced that the new Motorola phone will also win a special edition for Google Play.