TEK Storefront: Who said romance and technology don't mix?

The most romantic day of the year is coming and the stores are filled with hearts, dressed in red and pink and appeal to the most loving side of each one.

Offering technology on Valentine's Day can seem like an affront to the tradition of dinner parties, flowers, jewelry and the cutest gifts.

However, technology is increasingly at the top of people's preferences.

The boyfriend does not need to be a techie or a geek to appreciate a more modern gift, after all, who does not like smartphones, smart watches, headphones, speakers, drones, or even more original things, like a popcorn machine or a mouse pad that charges phones.

The large commercial spaces already have a very diverse and interesting offer, but if you want to get a less ordinary and very original gift, then choose the internet.

There are hundreds of fantastic options at very inviting prices.

However, if you choose online stores, be aware of delivery times.

The excuse The gift did not arrive on time may not be well interpreted by everyone.

Here are 14 suggestions for the 14th – for him and for her.