Sony launches new wireless headphones, with a lot of quality and autonomy

Sony launches new wireless headphones, with a lot of quality and autonomy

Japan expanded its audio catalog in Brazil with three new wireless headphones, including models with turbocharged bass and active noise cancellation

THE Sony has just announced three new wireless headphones for its audio line in Brazil. Starting this week, the models WF-XB700, WH-CH710N and WI-SP510, which promise to please different types of consumers, can be purchased in pre-sales on the company's website.

Starting with the most different of all, the WF-XB700 a type phone true wireless for those who play sports. In practice, this means that the model, in addition to being protected against sweat and splashing water, is also completely wireless, being charged through a case. For those who practice intense exercise, the WF-XB700 also features a shape that holds it better in the ear and promises comfort even after hours of use.

Sony launches new wireless headphones, with great quality and autonomy

Speaking of charging, autonomy is also a strong point: only up to 9 hours of reproduction in the headphones, which can be charged up to twice by the case, totaling 18 hours of use. According to Sony, thanks to the onboard fast charging technology, 10 minutes of charging in the case allows up to 60 minutes of playback.

In addition to having physical keys for controlling the tracks and activating virtual assistants (Siri or Google Assistant), the true wireless Sony sports car brings the Extra Bass feature, which is already present in other headphones of the brand and promises to make the bass more striking and immersive. On the Sony website, the WF-XB700 can be purchased in blue or black, for R $ 999.00, but you can use the coupon SHOWMETECH and get 11% discount!


Sony launches new wireless headphones, with great quality and autonomy

THE WH-C710N an enhancement to the well-known WH-C700N, an intermediate headset that is highly praised for its active noise cancellation. Now, in the new model, the Japanese claims to have boosted noise cancellation with the addition of a artificial intelligence (AINC), which “constantly analyzes the sound components of the environment” and automatically selects the most effective noise filter.

In addition to this novelty, the WH-C710N features a surround sound mode that allows the entry of external sounds ideal for the practice of sports such as cycling. The new 30mm drivers, according to Sony, also bring pure and clear sound, with good bass and treble.

Although the design is also more sophisticated than that of its predecessor, the WH-CH710N did not gain in battery life: just like in the first model, there are 35 hours of autonomy on the phone and up to 60 minutes of playback with only 10 minutes of charge. Also as it was in the predecessor, the control of the tracks and access to your smartphone's virtual assistant is done by physical keys, in addition to the WH-CH710N being compatible with the application Headphones Connect, which allows you to equalize the audio and customize various functions of the phone.

On the Sony website, the launch can be purchased in black, blue and white, for the price of R $ 799.00.


Sony launches new wireless headphones, with great quality and autonomy

THE WI-SP510 the most affordable model of those announced by Sony, and the Showmetech already tested the model in advance. Also designed as an upgrade to the existing WI-SP500, it features a design that promises to be more comfortable than its predecessor, almost twice the battery life (15 hours) and remains water resistant. As this is also a headset dedicated to those who play sports, the news should be very welcome.

In the previous model, the battery of the headphones was integrated into the part that went to the ear but with a wire that joined one piece to another. Well, in the new phone, the batteries are supported on the user's collarbone, leaving the part that goes in the ears lighter and smaller, and now it also has a design that fixes it better in the ear. In addition to the static corrections, the phone also gained the Extra Bass, which promises much better bass than the previous generation.

The WI-SP510 remains resistant to sweat and splashes of water (IPX5) and can be purchased on the Sony website for R $ 499.00, only in black. And if you use the coupon SHOWMETECH, get 6% discount on this model!

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