Access to banking websites from home increases by about 4% in September

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There were about 1.1 million Portuguese residents in mainland Portugal, over 14 years old, who consulted banking websites in September, showing the data compiled by Marktest’s Netpanel.

The figures represent an increase of 3.8 percent over the previous month and show that around 92 percent of the total number of visits counted were aimed at accessing secure pages (hhtps) – just over one million users.

The total number of pages visited stood at 74 million, 7.8 percent more than in August, and the total browsing time approached 620 thousand hours – 12.8 percent to the values ​​recorded in the previous month.

The daily average of users also increased in September, having risen to 188 thousand, which represents 11.9 percent more than in August.

The Caixa Geral de Depósitos Group sites stood out in terms of both the number of unique users and the number of pages visited – 508 thousand and 28.4 million, respectively – which represents an increase of 3.7 in relation to August.

The second position was occupied by the BCP Group sites, with 370 thousand unique users and 15.23 million pages visited.

The remaining positions belong to the BPI Groups (271 thousand users), BES (263 thousand), Totta, Montepio Geral and BEST, the latter with 177, 118 and 47 thousand unique users, respectively.

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