SAPO TEK Competition 20 years 20 awards

SAPO TEK Competition 20 years 20 awards

Last month SAPO TEK marked the 20th anniversary of the technology site, after its launch on February 11, 2000. And there was no better way to celebrate the date than to do it with the readers who accompany us, and in partnership with some of the main technology brands in the market.

Unfortunately, the escalation of the Covid-19 outbreak, which is already a pandemic, meant that we had to change our plans. Due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing, related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Altice Portugal, owner of the brand and SAPO , following the guidelines and directives of the DGS (Directorate General for Health) and the WHO (World Health Organization), it decided to postpone the holding of all public events, namely the Disruption for Brands by SAPO, where the delivery was scheduled from the prizes to the winners of the SAPO TEK competition.

The situation that has been experienced in Portugal in the last few weeks has also caused us to interrupt the communication of SAPO TEK award winners: 20 years 20 awards, which will be duly contacted soon.

We are defining the best way to proceed with the plans for the execution of the hobby, and to carry out the awarding of prizes, complying with the aforementioned rules that prevent the holding of public events and indicate that any non-essential trips are avoided in order to comply with social isolation. and the required quarantine.

We hope to get in touch soon with readers who have participated over a month, with new indications on how we will proceed in relation to this hobby in which we have the partnership of some of the main technological brands in Portugal.

At this time, the health and safety of everyone is our biggest concern and for that we thank you for your understanding.

During this month we also have special messages from some of the companies and people who have been following SAPO TEK, which we also share with you. Thank you for joining us.