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Learn how to check your iPhone's battery health

If you need to constantly charge your iPhone or have a device that is already in use for a few years, your battery may not be as healthy. To know if you need to replace the component or not there are two ways.

The first of these is the so-called maximum capacity remaining. It indicates the total charge that the battery supports and can be identified with the help of a specific application. On new devices, this value is very close to 100%.

It can be reviewed various applications available on the App Store, but some options are paid. We decided to use a free version that works in a very simple way, Battery Life. Here's how it works:

By downloading and opening the app, you can see the level of battery degradation as shown in the image below.


For more information, click on the menu in the upper left corner. There you can access four options: “Level of degradation”, which shows the summary statistics, “Duration”, which shows the device specifications and an expectation of how long the battery should last, based on the current state of the component. , “Raw”, which displays the total load, capacity, and voltage of the device, and “History,” which shows a kind of calendar, based on the last times the app was used.




The second way to analyze battery health is to view the total number of charge cycles the battery has already received. Lithium batteries, like the one on the iPhone, lose some of their “life” with every full charge cycle it receives. According to Apple, after 500 cycles, the iPhone battery can hold about 80% of the charge. This data is not readily available, but you can find out by taking your phone to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider or using a tool on your own PC.

To identify how many charge cycles iPhone has had, I need to install the iBackupBot app on my computer. The version is available for Windows and Mac OS X and costs $ 35, but you can use it for free for a week.

After downloading and installing iBackupBot, connect your device via USB cable to your PC. Open and run the application. On the left side of the screen, click "Devices" and choose your device.

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On the screen with the data, click on the "More information" link. The cycle count appears in “CycleCount”.

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With these two pieces of information available, you can find out if you need to replace your iPhone battery.