Rumor: new MacBooks Pro – without optical drive – are already in production

More rumors hanging around the MacBook Pro (1, 2). This time, the DigiTimes reported that production of the new notebook has already started, with initial batches between 100,000 and 150,000 eventually going up to 900,000 units.

According to the Asian vehicle, the new MacBooks Pro would come without an optical drive, allowing for a thinner design than the current one. The specifications would be better than those of the MacBook Air, both in processing and in storage, thus maintaining the differences in the lines.

New family of MacBooks Pro

The new 13 and 15 inch MacBooks Pro DigiTimes forgot the 17-inch version, just as it did with the 64GB iPad, they would hit the market together with the competition, indicating that Apple did not get privileges with Intel for an early launch of the Ivy Bridge processors likely to equip the new machines.

Lately the DigiTimes it hasn't been the best of sources, but I must confess that it has exactly matched our expectations. Let us wait.

(via Electronist)