Movies of the week: buy “Rambo: Until the End”, with Sylvester Stallone, in addition to several other titles for R $ 9.90!

Apple chooses a weekly Movie of the week at the iTunes Store, whose purchase (even in 4K / HDR, depending on production) R $ 9.90, and we do MacMagazine we also took the opportunity to mine other offers with the same value.

The title selected by Apple this time was “Rambo: Until the End”, with Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Óscar Jaenada, Adriana Barraza and Yvette Monreal.

Check out his trailer:

Here is the synopsis of the film:

One of the greatest action heroes is back on a final mission. To save a friend’s daughter, Rambo must confront his past and regain his combat skills, as he crosses the US-Mexico border and faces a dangerous cartel.

As usual, our reader Renato Alan Promenzio [@tripalavra], who is a movie buff, also sent us a comment about the film:

To speak of John Rambo is to make sure that you are speaking to a legion of fans. There are so many missions, so many deaths, so many rescues … it’s easy to lose count. I consider the first film in the franchise to be unsurpassed and the rest something more. In this Movie of the week, we have action and violence for all tastes. “Rambo: Until the End” follows the line of “Rambo IV”, thus making the option for “bloodbath” – not that the first three films had no blood; had it, but I think it was a little less prohibitive. We have here a simple script, which goes straight to the point, making it clear that it will be the last time we will see Stallone in the role of the war veteran (will it?). What I can say is that I consider it a fan film, but it will not please everyone.

Poster Rambo: Until the End

Rambo: Until the End

in Balboa Productions

Classification: 16 yearsGenre: Action and adventureLaunch: 2019Director: Adrian Grünberg

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Other films for up to R $ 9.90

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The Kingdom of Beauty

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Clenched Fists

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Classification: 14 yearsGenre: thrillerLaunch: 2019Director: Daniel Ringey

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Dating a woman

in Summerstorm Entertainment / Warner Bros./Bavaria Film Partners

Classification: 14 yearsGenre: comedyLaunch: 2016Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner

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So Strong and So Close

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Top Gun – Indomitable Aces

in Paramount Pictures

Classification: freeGenre: Action and adventureLaunch: 1986Director: Tony Scott

Poster Portrait of a Young Woman on Fire

Poster Philadelphia


in Apple Pie Productions, Inc .; TriStar Pictures

Classification: 12 yearsGenre: dramaLaunch: 1994Director: Jonathan Demme

Poster Nothing in Common

Nothing in common

in Nothing In Common Productions, Inc .; Rastar Productions, Inc.

Classification: 12 yearsGenre: comedyLaunch: 1987Director: Garry Marshall

Poster Hell


in Columbia Pictures

Classification: 14 yearsGenre: thrillerLaunch: 2016Director: Ron Howard

Poster Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips

in Bravo Platoon Film Production LLC; Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Classification: 14 yearsGenre: Action and adventureLaunch: 2013Director: Paul Greengrass

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Stage Of Illusions

in Columbia Pictures

Classification: 14 yearsGenre: comedyLaunch: 1989Director: David Seltzer

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Angels and Demons

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Risk Therapy (2013)

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Poster Starman

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For those interested, enjoy! ?