Microsoft presents new Surface Pro, Laptop and Studio and a… headphone?

Apparently, Apple should present, this month, new features for its line of Macs and iPads. One of its most formidable competitors, however, decided to go ahead: the Microsoft took the stage at a press event in New York and, at once, renewed much of its hardware line, announcing updates for the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio and – one more thing – your first headphone.

Let’s take a look.

Surface Pro 6

According to Microsoft, the flagship hybrid of the Surface line has an impressive 99% satisfaction rate among consumers – which may explain the fact that the Surface Pro 6 is, at most, a one-off upgrade . On the outside, the only difference is in the new color matte black (matte black), which complements the silver of previous generations; otherwise, the look (and the famous infinitely adjustable support) remains unchanged.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Inside, Microsoft is including the new 8th generation Intel Core processors in tablets, which make the new Surfaces Pro up to 67% faster than the previous generation – for the first time, in fact, it is possible to equip devices with a chip four cores. In addition, the amount of RAM in the base model has doubled to 8GB. The estimated battery life of 13.5 hours is the same as in the predecessors.

Plus, we have the same support for the Surface Pen and the same accessories and keyboard cases that turn the Surface Pro into a very handy replacement for laptops – oh, and the same lack of a USB-C port, too. He starts from $ 900 ($ 100 less than the previous generation) and will hit stores on the 16th.

Surface Laptop 2

The “traditional” laptop of the Redmond giant is also getting an update at the most punctual – sharing several of the new features brought by Surface Pro, including. The Surface Laptop 2 now also comes in a very elegant option matte black and up to 85% faster thanks to the new 8th generation Intel Core processors.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

We also have a new screen with higher resolution (2256 × 1504 pixels) and contrast ratio (1500: 1) – which is the “thinnest touchscreen LCD panel ever put on a laptop”. The battery is also better, and now lasts an impressive 14.5 hours in regular use. Here, too, the option of 4GB of RAM has been abolished; the base model brings 8GB right away.

Ah, the famous internal lining in Alcantara was maintained, as it could not be otherwise. Surface Laptop 2 will also hit stores on October 16, for prices starting at $ 1,000.

Surface Studio 2

Microsoft’s fabulous all-in-one doesn’t have major visual changes either (whew!), But things are even more appetizing internally. Surface Studio 2 brings a new LCD panel (still with the same 28 inches) 38% brighter and 22% more contrast; Surface Pen support has been improved, with sensitivity to pen tilt, and now has even less latency – support at 4,096 degrees of pressure remains unchanged.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Inside, we have a new graphics chip from NVIDIA based on the Pascal architecture, which makes Studio 2 50% faster in terms of video and makes it even more suitable for professional programs and games; moreover, instead of the hybrid drive of the previous generation, here we have a 2TB SSD (!). Processors, on the other hand, remained on Intel’s seventh generation, which leaves the new machine a little behind some competitors.

Surface Studio 2 doesn’t have a set release date yet, but it will hit stores for a base price of $ 3,500 – which features a Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM.

Surface Headphones

Did you miss any really new news from Microsoft? They can breathe easily, since the Redmond giant is basically entering a segment it has never even explored with Surface Headphones. And when I say “entering”, it is in my head: it’s not as if the company had simply put its brand on an anonymous accessory from China; the headphones from Big M they are the result of more than three years of intensive testing and their connection to the design language of the Surface line is visible.

Microsoft Surface Headphones

On the outside, we have the light gray design very characteristic of Microsoft and two rotating rings, one on each side of the headphones; the left adjusts the level of active noise cancellation and the right, the volume of the reproduction. At the center of each phone, we also have a touch-sensitive surface for the other controls (play, pause, answer calls, skip tracks and so on). We also have sensors here that automatically pause the music when you take the headphones off, as in AirPods.

Cortana is fully supported, and the headphones have eight microphones to listen to your command at any time “Hey, Cortana” and answer your inquiries. The connection is via Bluetooth 4.2, and the accessories are charged via a USB-C port – here we have a fast charging mode that gives an hour of playback after just five minutes in the socket. The battery lasts 15 hours in normal use, but you can use it in wired mode and that number jumps to 50 hours.

Surfaces Headphones will cost $ 350 when they hit the market – Microsoft says it will happen until the holiday season, but without specifying a date. Did you like it?

Windows 10 October 2018 Upgrade

Not to say that we are only on hardware, Microsoft also launched the latest Windows 10 update. The update, also known as version 1809, was in trial version a few months ago and brings as main news a new dark theme for Explorer, new screenshot tool, cloud-based clipboard and feature support Your Phone, which we have already talked about here.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

We also have other minor visual adjustments around the entire system, as well as the addition of small features and extra settings here and there. The update is free for all Windows 10 users and will start to be released from next week, in phases.

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