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Android 10 (Q), Pixel 3a, dan lainnya: tahu apa yang diharapkan dari Google I / O 2019

Google will present its launches between May 7 and 9, at Google I / O 2019. The annual event promises to reveal the new version of the Android operating system, Android 10 (Q). Cell phones from Samsung, Motorola and LG, for example, can receive the software update. Details of the Pixel 3a and Android TV Box devices are also expected at the time. The company’s gaming platform, Stadia, launched in 2018, is expected to gain more features that impact the user experience. The conference takes place in Mountain View, California, in the United States.

There is an expectation for the improvement of other services, such as Google Assistant. The personal assistant can receive optimization in the intelligence system – she can already send a message on WhatsApp and consult the dictionary, for example. Augmented reality features must be incorporated into Chrome OS – the company has invested in the technology for its products. Those interested in following the event should access YouTube, which usually broadcasts simultaneously.

Ten long-awaited functions of Android 10 (Q), Google’s next system

1 of 4 Android phones should receive new version in 2019 – Photo: Bruno De Blasi / dnetc

Android phones should receive a new version in 2019 – Photo: Bruno De Blasi / dnetc

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The most anticipated debut for Google I / O is the new version for Android phones. In March, the company released a first beta version of Android Q, which reinforces the likelihood that more details will be covered at the Google developer meeting.

In the testing platform, privacy is one of the fundamental points, especially when it comes to strengthening the protection of access to applications. Shortcuts should be used to send content directly to contacts and, if any service needs it, a settings panel should be displayed. The simultaneous use of applications in the software is expected – the measure promises to increase the dynamics of use. In addition, navigation gestures would have undergone a makeover.

Chances are there is a dark mode and a work area. This would offer a PC-like interface and would not be related to the manufacturer’s model. Similar to Apple’s Face ID, a facial recognition can also be confirmed in the new Android operating system. For now, no updates have been confirmed.

The possible Google phone, the Pixel 3a, is another item expected at the conference. With medium size, the device may have a larger version, the Pixel 3a XL. If the device is not commented on, it will be a surprise, as leaked information from smartphones indicates that they will have 12 megapixel cameras – significant for high-resolution photos. The inclusion of Pixel Visual Core promises to bring adjustments such as greater sophistication in the contrast of two tones, in addition to the use of backlight buttons.

The price of new phones is still a mystery. The standard version of Pixel 3a is estimated at US $ 799 (around R $ 3,200, in direct conversion, excluding taxes). For this type of technology, an affordable price is not expected.

2 of 4 Pixel 3a is among the most expected products to be addressed at the conference – Photo: Reproduction / Evan Blass

Pixel 3a is among the most expected products to be addressed at the conference – Photo: Reproduction / Evan Blass

Google’s smart device is expected to gain a dimension of 10 inches. In the device, a camera would be attached to emit alerts of movement and sound, a feature that can be used both with a security device and as a means of transmission for Duo video calls. The sound with stereo speakers from the Nest Hub Max would add more quality and clarity to the sound of YouTube songs and videos, for example. After Google brings news about the device, the stakes for the technological equipment to be launched are greater.

The platform intends to transform the way games are consumed and brings the proposal of making several titles available in an online catalog. The idea could be compared to the Netflix service, as Google Stadia aims to offer a monthly subscription for the player to access various games. This does not require the console to run the game. The user could also record the game itself and broadcast it on YouTube, in addition to having a solution of doubts, by consulting excerpts played in the videos of other gamers.

In March, Google mentioned the service plans at the Game Developers Conference. More details will be revealed this summer at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles. However, it is likely that more news will increase public interest in Google I / O.

3 of 4 Google Stadia demo on a monitor – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Demonstration of Google Stadia on a monitor – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Rumors point to Android TV updates, but still without specifics of the changes. There is public interest in an update to the Google TV platform so as not to remain behind on the market. The trend indicates that modernized interfaces have already been launched by competitors, such as the most current TV models from Samsung and LG, which go beyond the feature of Google Assistant support.

4 of 4 TCL TV model with Android, has embedded technology – Photo: Disclosure / TCL

TCL TV model with Android, has embedded technology – Photo: Disclosure / TCL

The standout feature for Google Assistant was Duplex. The technology uses artificial intelligence to speak like a human, through mechanisms naturally used in speech such as «hmm» expressions and other sounds used in telephone calls that answer the user. With an eye on market investments, it is possible that some change will be disclosed, as well as more creative ways to use the personal assistant.

The arrival of Google Lens allowed the company to use technology to superimpose digital images in real scenarios. In addition, Google also offers a tool that allows the user to view digital arrows on the phone’s screen when in Maps navigation mode. Thus, to search for information about a location through the smartphone’s camera, such as information about a restaurant, for example, you only need to point the device’s camera at the location. Such features are only possible thanks to augmented reality features. For this reason, Google I / O can be an opportune occasion to surprise with news in this regard.

Changes to Chrome and Chrome OS are also considered at Google’s annual event. The company has invested in efforts so that Android applications can integrate with Chrome OS. DayDream VR technology will also be able to integrate the programming of subjects to be presented at the event, as it has been three years since the launch of the virtual reality feature.

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