In addition to "iSlate", Apple would also have secretly registered the "Magic Slate" brand

And again we talk about an Apple tablet for 2010, for $ 500-700

The evidence that Apple is launching its own tablet is growing. According to researchers at Piper Jaffray, the new device could cost between $ 500 and $ 700 and hit the market next year.

Gene Munster, an analyst at the firm, says that these conclusions are coming from diverse information obtained from suppliers in Asia, recent patent registrations related to technologies multi-touch for more complex computing devices, comments from Apple COO Tim Cook at the last April 22 conference, the acquisition of PA Semi and the hiring of other hardware experts.

Supposed Apple tablet

All this added to various investments, they say, culminating in the launch of a product of the type still in the first half of 2010, bringing a screen size between 7 and 10 inches. The product would fit perfectly between the iPod touch ($ 400) and the MacBook ($ 1,000), bringing a version of OS X that is more robust than the iPhone OS, but also fully adapted for touch screens.

I don't usually bet so many chips on analysts' comments, but considering that some make a little mistake here and others there, we conclude that something is coming because it doesn't matter when, but it is.