iPhones 11 produced in Brazil are already on the market

A few weeks ago, when we clarified the issue of the production of the new iPhone SE in Brazil, we also informed you that the iPhone 11 (model A2221) started to be manufactured in national territory recently – and that, therefore, the device’s documentation was being revised by the National Telecommunications Agency.

According to sources MacMagazine, a Foxconn Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda. (in Jundiaí, SP) started to assemble the iPhone 11 in February 2020. And such devices are already on the market, as the reader showed us Igor Ribeiro.

? Igor Ribeiro

He recently purchased the device and, as we can see, the device comes with the inscription “Brazilian industry” on your back.

In addition, we also have information in the box indicating that it is really a national model, as we can see below:

IPhone 11 case manufactured by Foxconn in Brazil

? Igor Ribeiro

Another factor that confirms all this is that, when adding an iPhone 11 to the cart at the Brazilian Apple Online Store, the product SKU we see in the URL ends with BR – confirming that it is a national model.

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Other iPhones sold in Brazil but not manufactured in Jundiaí, such as the 11 Pro, have the SKU finished in BZ.

For now, the new Certificate of Technical Compliance for the iPhone 11 (with Foxconn’s Brazilian plant listed) is not yet available on Anatel’s system, but that should happen very soon. This is a mere formality, after all, Foxconn has been manufacturing iPhones in Jundiaí for years and the iPhone 11 itself was approved by Anatel last year.

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