Complaints in Electronic Communications increased by 34%

Complaints in Electronic Communications increased by 34%

Electronic communications services were responsible for 81 percent (15,853) of complaints received by the communications regulator in the first six months of 2009.

As in previous periods, Internet services continue to lead users’ complaints. More than a third of the complaints received by Anacom in the area of ​​electronic communications were related to this area.

IP television services come in second place – taking into account the relationship between the number of complaints and the number of users (459 complaints out of 273,476 customers) – and fixed telephone services in third place.

Issues related to equipment, customer service / technical assistance and billing are the most pointed out in complaints that reach the regulator through the complaints books. In complaints addressed directly to Anacom, issues related to contract terms and billing prevail.

It should also be emphasized that the information society services also generated some of the complaints – 438 according to the data – ranking third in the ranking of services that generated complaints.

The second position goes to postal services. This table also includes Other Anacom Sectors and Major Rate Services. Together, all areas led to 20,366 complaints.