Infographic shows (almost) all Apple products launched to date

Recently, Apple has gone through some bad times that undoubtedly impact the company’s history. But personally, I feel that this is the story that most people leave behind.

During these four decades of Apple, the company faced several moments of difficulty and, also, of glory. Nevertheless, it was responsible for launching some of the most iconic devices in the world, which have marked (and still do) generations.

If you took the tram from the first iPhone, launched in 2007, know that Apple has fallen in love with many consumers with much older devices – and some extremely valuable today, such as the Apple I.

To remember these (almost) 43 years of the company, a user (probably a fan of gadgets da Maçã) created the infographic below that chronologically displays some of the company’s most significant launches, among other products. In addition to arranged by date, the devices were separated by colors that classify them according to their purpose (computers, smartphones, peripherals, etc.).

Check out:

Infographic: Apple releases

A note: as pointed out by the The Loop, the Apple QuickTake digital camera, first launched in 1994, has been described as the QuickTake 100 but the illustration refers to the model 200, released later. A few other products also did not appear in the infographic, such as the iPod Hi-Fi (2006) and the Mac Pro (2013).

And did you know Apple from which product (s) illustrated?