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Help scientists research cure for diseases and find extraterrestrial life with your Android

While we sleep, our smartphones are virtually unused. With that in mind, some applications want to use the processing power of phones to help with scientific research. Check out Folding @ Home, which helps Stanford scientists research new cures for diseases, and BOINC, which, among many alternatives, is looking for extraterrestrial life.

Folding @ Home

The Folding @ Home app is the result of a Sony partnership with Stanford University. It uses the WiFi connection and the processing power of your smartphone to speed up some university research. The app only works over WiFi, meaning you do not use your cellular connection, and F @ H is in standby mode if the smartphone battery is not at 100% and / or if it is not plugged in.

folding home
Help with healing research for some diseases. / ANDROIDPIT

In the app you can see what types of research you contributed to, how many people are contributing, and how long you've contributed. As my battery was not full, I am still zero.

Folding @ Home is version 1.0, takes up about 33MB of space and requires Android KitKat 4.4 and ARM processor to work.

The application is super simple, no need to login or any configuration. Just install and open Folding @ Home and you're contributing to the science.


A little more complex BOINC, with it you can help in mathematical research, computing, health, games, physics, evolution, biomedics, decode WWII submarine messages, detect gravitational waves, analyze asteroid properties, analyze space images and study diseases such as HIV, malaria, cancer, etc.

Partnering with SETI @ home uses the processing power of the smartphone to search for extraterrestrial life. This partnership is part of the project. Breakthroug Listen, by Stephen Hawking and Yuri Miller, which was released last week. The idea is to use smartphones to process data gathered by two telescopes that scan the universe for life.

boinc print
Help find aliens with your Android! / ANDROIDPIT

The app was developed by the University of Berkeley, occupies about 20MB and requires Android 4.1 or higher. It s analyzes the data downloaded by WiFi and if the battery is at 90% with the smartphone plugged in.

Install on Google Play

What other apps do you know?

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