Soon you will choose if you want to be added to groups in WhatsApp

In addition to YouTube, it is now also possible to play videos from Facebook and Instagram without leaving WhatsApp!

If you are a user WhatsApp Messenger and the enormous probability, since he is one of the most used among Brazilians, will like the news that came to the app today.

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

The first one that has already been implemented for YouTube videos, but now works with Facebook and Instagram videos as well. When you receive a video link from these networks, now you can play them within WhatsApp itself and with PiP mode (Picture-in-Picture, you can also continue watching while browsing the app.

The second novelty concerns group administrators: if you are responsible for any group, you can now remove the administrator status of other participants. To do this, select the administrator on the "Group Data" screen and tap "Remove as Admin". In addition, group administrators can now choose who can change the name, image or description of the group by going to "Group Data" and touching "Group Settings".

Good news, right? 😉