Craig Federighi confirms that 3D Touch gesture to evoke multitasking will return to iOS soon

IOS 11 has reached its final form and its adoption rate, although not at the levels of its predecessors, shows that the system is being installed at a good pace on compatible devices.

The update brings a lot of very appetizing news to users, but iPhone owners (6s / 6s Plus, at least) missed a very useful feature introduced in iOS 9: the ability to evoke the multitasking menu with a 3D Touch gesture, sliding your finger from the left side of the screen with light pressure applied.

While iOS 11 was in beta, users believed that the feature had been temporarily removed and would return in the final version of the system. It was not what happened and soon we came to accept that the functionality had, for some mysterious reason, been killed by Ma.

Well, those who missed the gesture, can celebrate! Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, confirmed that the appeal has been temporarily suspended for a “technical issue” and come back in a future update of iOS 11. This was the exchange of messages between a reader of MacRumors and the executive:

Adam Zahn: Would it be possible to at least make the 3D Touch gesture optional to activate the multitasking menu in iOS 11, so that I continue with the ability to switch apps that way instead of having to press the Start button twice?

Craig Federighi: Hi, Adam. We unfortunately had to suspend support for this gesture because of a technical issue. We will bring it back in a future iOS 11.x update. Thanks (and sorry for the inconvenience)!

O MacRumors confirmed the veracity of the email by analyzing the IP address linked to Craig's response, that is, we can really wait for the resource to return in the not too distant future.

It remains to be seen, of course, what would be this technical limitation that prevented you from being in the first final version of iOS 11 something related to the iPhone X, perhaps?

Finally, if you use the gesture frequently on iOS 9 or 10, I want to know: will you soon update your device or prefer to wait until the functionality comes back to life in a future update? Leave your answer below!