iLuv and iPhone5mod announce new Lightning accessories and adapters

iLuv and iPhone5mod announce new Lightning accessories and adapters

Apple's new devices use the Lightning standard instead of the old 30-pin dock connector. As the format has been completely modified, it is impossible to use the old accessories in the new ones iGadgets without attaching adapters.

Like Apple's “expensive” solution, other manufacturers have begun to develop their alternatives. However, an authentication chip was found inside the cable offered by the Cupertino giant, leaving everyone uncertain about the future of adapters and cables made by third parties.

IPhone5mod Lightning Adapter

After a few days, the Chinese company iPhone5mod announced that it had already managed to clone the Lightning cable authentication chip, and started pre-selling cables and docks compatible with the new standard. Now, the company has announced its new adapters for the old connector. 30-pin dock for Lightning, available for just $ 20.

Despite being cheaper, cables that use fake authentication chips can be easily unusable, since an update on iOS would be enough for them to stop working, as the Gizmodo.

ILuv also showed its new products compatible with Lightning, expected in January 2013. They are cables and chargers compatible with the iPhone 5, the new iPods and the new iPads. Each comes with a Lightning-to-USB cable and their prices will vary between $ 20 and $ 65.

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