iFixit confirms: 16 ”MacBook Pro keyboard is a slightly enhanced Magic Keyboard

THE 16-inch MacBook Pro it is with us and, with it, the promise of the end of the nightmare that was the existence of the keyboard with butterfly mechanism.

Until now, absolutely every generation of the damn keyboard launched by Apple was part of the replacement program (a nice name for the good old recall) dedicated to the component. It was then a matter of time before Apple launched a machine with a redesigned keyboard. And she arrived!

16-inch MacBook Pro

IFixit wasted no time and already got its hands on the launch and proved what we expected: we are facing something completely new! I mean, or not, since the new keyboard drank a lot from the font of Magic Keyboard with scissor mechanism, which is no longer used by the butterfly – it is not for nothing that the name is the same.

16 16 ″ MacBook Pro keyboard (2019)

The scissor mechanism of the MacBook Pro is practically identical to the keyboard that comes with the iMac and is sold separately by the company. The thing is so similar that iFixit changed the MBP key to the Magic Keyboard and everything worked perfectly.

According to the repair firm, anyone who cares about longevity / repairability should celebrate: in addition to having a slightly deeper shift in the keys (which was a complaint of many), a softer sound and a more robust design, it is now possible to replace just one key if it breaks. It is true that this process still involves disassembling the entire keyboard itself and it is not so simple, but still…

Magic Keyboard keyboard Magic Keyboard keyboard

The mechanism consists of two plastic pieces, crossed, with a pivot in the middle to control the movement of the keys. It is more robust than the butterfly keyboard and there is more space to tolerate possible debris that settles there – before, any subject particle offered a real danger. There is no silicone membrane (like the one used in the latest generation of the butterfly mechanism) to protect the bowels of the keyboard. Everything is now as it was before, with a few occasional improvements.

15-inch MacBook Pro (2018) keyboard 15-inch MacBook Pro keyboard (2018)

Compared to the butterfly keyboard, the new scissor mechanism has about 0.5mm more displacement when pressed; the keys themselves are about 0.2mm thicker. The small clips that attach the keys to the scissor mechanism itself appear to be more reinforced – so they don’t break when you take the key out for cleaning or repair.

15 15 ″ MacBook Pro keyboard (2015) vs. 16 ″ ((2019)

Below, the video that iFixit made on the subject:

Good news, finally! ??