AirPods with wireless charging case

Analysts predict new waterproof AirPods in 2019

Apple may have launched a second generation of AirPods (or something like that) less than four months ago, but the Cupertino giant may still have a card up its sleeve for its wireless headphones for 2019 – at least according to analysts at Wedbush.

According to the firm, Apple will launch yet another AirPod review at the end of the year. The new headphones, called by Wedbush “AirPods 3”, would bring little novelties in the design directed to the practice of sports, as well as some level of water resistance – without a specification on the degree of this protection. The future headphones would also be sold at a price higher than that currently charged by the second generation.

The rumors of possible waterproof AirPods have been around for some time, but it must be considered that, somehow, Apple already has dedicated sports earphones and water resistant in its line: I speak, of course, of the Powerbeats Pro – that don’t exactly have the Apple signature, but come from its subsidiary Beats.

AirPods with wireless charging case

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It will be interesting to see how Apple will differentiate between the proposals for the two products, if these new AirPods really see the light of day soon.

IPhones demand stable

Wedbush analysts also shared their own forecasts of demand for upcoming iPhones, to be launched (probably) next September – and they contradict the Rosenblatt Securities estimates published by us earlier today.

According to Wedbush, demand for iPhones at the moment remains stable and is expected to remain so throughout 2019. With that, the firm maintained its forecast of smartphone units sold in the year: 180 million.

The stability in demand for iPhones comes from a specific place: the China. According to analysts, the Chinese market remains “difficult to navigate” for Apple, but the price cuts on iPhones have caused local consumers to slightly increase their interest in Apple smartphones, leaving the seas more calm in the Wall Country.

Render of Render “iPhone XI”

Wedbush corroborated several of the recent rumors about the 2019 iPhones, predicting that we will have occasional updates of the three models currently sold. The successors to the XS and XS Max will feature a set of three cameras, including an ultra-wide-angle lens, while the successor to the XR will have a dual camera – all of which have the controversial square module at the rear.

At this point, we can say that the rumors are almost “confirmed”, right?

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