How to play PlayStation 1 games on mobile

How to play PlayStation 1 games on mobile

The PlayStation was the first video game to be produced by Sony and this week celebrated its 25th anniversary in Japan. Although it's been so long, it's true that their games are still classic and deserve to be played at any moment.

In turn, if you are interested in having an enhanced experience to play them anywhere, it might be a good idea to emulate these games on your Android phone. Here's how to play Playstation 1 games on Android.


In order to play these classics on your mobile phone you may need to have some files like the BIOS, which can only be obtained from your own console. In addition to it, you will also need to own the images of your games, which can also only be obtained from your own collection.

Obtaining these files from another medium or from the internet considered illegal. With due reservations, follow the step-by-step below:

Configuring the BIOS

If the game you tried to run didn't work without the BIOS, you need to put it inside the "System" subfolder, which is in "Retroarch" at the root of the phone. The BIOS must be named “SCPHXXXX”, where “XXXX” refers to its version and region.

To put the file in the folder you can use any file manager on Android itself or even a computer as you prefer. Although this step is recommended for a better experience, not all games require a BIOS to play on the emulator.

How to play PlayStation 1 games on mobile

The process of running PlayStation 1 games on your mobile is very simple, all done with the help of a free program, responsible for obtaining the emulator. Check out:

1. Go to Google Play and download Retroarch;

2. Open the program normally for the first time and, in the message that appears, tap “Ok” and grant the application access to your files;


3. On your home screen, tap “Online Updater” and go to “Core Updater”;


4. Slide down the screen to find “Sony – PlayStation (PCSX Rearmed)” as suggested by the image below;


5. Back in the program home screen, tap “Load Core” and select “Sony – PlayStation (PCSX Rearmed)” from the list;


6. Now tap “Upload Content” and select your game.


From that moment on, you can enjoy the game on your phone, but you can still improve its graphics, making it more beautiful. To do this, follow these steps:

1. With the game open, tap the Retroarch icon as suggested in the image below;

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2. Enter “Shaders” and enable the option “Video Shaders”;


3. Tap “Load Preset” and select one of the available shaders in the folders. With the choice made and back to the previous screen, tap “Apply Changes”.


In our case, we apply a scanline-simulating shader, which is a type of line seen on tube TVs to get a closer picture of the original.


The biggest classics of the system

Now that you know how to play games, if you've never had a PlayStation 1 experience, here is a short list of recommended games to play on your mobile:

  • Ace Combat 2 – With arcade-style gameplay, you piloted aircraft to help your government reverse a coup;


  • Grand Theft Auto – GTA is already known to everyone today, but its history started on PS1 and computers with a very different gameplay than we are used to today. However, the game maintains from its earliest days its freedom and immense scenery to be explored;
  • Final Fantasy IX – The classic JRPG series has had many titles released for the Sony video game, this being their last. In addition to amazing graphics for the time, the story of Zidane and Princess Garnet will keep you entertained for many hours;
  • Crash Bandicoot – Featuring a character who is considered the video game's mascot, this title features a complete 3D adventure in which you help Crash stop Neo Cortex's plans. If you like the first game, be sure to check out its two sequels, which were also released for PlayStation 1.

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Ready! Now you know how to play classic PlayStation 1 titles on your Android phone.

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