How many iPads is a supercomputer made of?

Depending on When this supercomputer was born, the answer may be “one”. Nowadays, however, the thing is a little less singular, as Royal Pingdom: I need a few more iPads to beat Fujitsu's K Computer, capable of performing 10.51 petaflops (that is, 10.510 trillion floating-point operations per second).

iPad 2 versus Fujitsu's K Computer

Like the iPad 2 capable of running 171 megaflops, accounts for no less than 61.5 million Apple tablets working together on a 540km stack of iPads. No, sir, Ma hasn't sold (nor manufactured) that many iPads yet! Maybe next year, right?

Now the question that does not want to remain silent: in what year one iPad will beat the K Computer?

(via Cult of Mac)