How does the Internet react to COVID-19? Memes abound, but they also make you think

A pandemic that caused about 4,300 deaths and infected more than 125,000 does not seem to be a funny thing.

However, memes are for many internet users a way to deal with anxiety and, sometimes, panic, brought on by this situation.

In the world of the Internet, there are many memes about COVID-19, ranging from the offensive to humourous findings of the new living conditions imposed due to the rapid spread of the disease.

One of the most popular types of memes is related to the rampant reaction to supermarkets around the world, in particular, lack of toilet paper in commercial establishments.

See some of the main memes circulating online about Covid-19

Telecommuting has become one of the recommendations of many companies in the face of the pandemic and Portugal was no exception.

For some internet users, poorly adapted to the world of work at home, the new reality has become a pretext for making memes: from the shaggy companions who want to help with the video conference failures.

In Coronavrus times, the usual greetings have become discouraged.

However, the Internet again demonstrates that creativity knows no limits and alternative handshakes, such as the Wuhan shake, have also gone viral.

In addition to memes that give comfort to tired spirits, controversy also arises, since memes with more racist connotations have also become popular.

For example, even in February, the well-known YouTuber Pewdiepie returned to the mouths of the world for the worst reasons, because the jokes made in a recent video did not go very well.

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