Global SMS revenues to reach $ 50 billion in 2010

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Text messages on mobile phones, known as SMS, are reaching such popularity that in 2010 the global market will reach revenues in the order of 50 billion dollars, according to a new study by Portio Research.

«There is no non-verbal communication in the world that is used by so many individuals and that sees such a rapid expansion in the operator base,» says the report. In 2010, 2.38 trillion text messages are expected to be exchanged, leading the research company to comment that this is «mobile communication» peer-to-peer easiest and cheapest ever known «.

However, the report’s authors predict broader growth in the mobile messaging market, predicting a bright future in sending emails, instant messaging, services push-to-talk and MMS, whose profits are expected to be similar to SMS despite less traffic.

Since MMS was launched in 2002, it has failed to achieve SMS success, but it can be considered a commercial success. The report recommends that the industry «focus on increasing the Premium MMS feature as a marketing tool and distribution channel. When the service is cheaper, simpler and compiled, your traffic and revenue will grow».

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