Food Brasil app updates itself with more features and also gains a Gold version

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It is very good when we can use iPhone resources in practice to help us in everyday life. That’s why I like the Food Brasil, Nyvra Software application, which in addition to getting a new update, now has a version Gold, even more complete.

Food Brasil is a true gastronomy guide, offering tips on bars and restaurants, with more than 10,000 establishments registered in 17 cities in the country.

After he was commented here on the Blog, I started to adopt him in my travels and the evaluation couldn’t be better. In Rio de Janeiro, he pointed out to me a restaurant that even the taxi driver did not know, but that proved to be superb. An experience that I would hardly have lived without his help.

But as many of you already know him (there were more than 40,000 downloads on the App Store), let’s go directly to the news of the new version 1.3. ?

Although it now has a paid option, the free version has lost nothing. On the contrary, it gained even more news. Check out:

Voting and real-time ranking of establishments

Was it in a restaurant and liked it? Now you can vote easily by simply tapping Liked it or Did not like.

Customer reviews

Do you want to know what others are saying or do you want to say something about the establishment yourself? Now it’s possible, straight from the application. This system, inspired by the App Store, is great when choosing where to go, as it is possible to rely on the opinion of the users themselves.

Integration with the MobileNavigator GPS application

For those who own the GPS application MobileNavigator Brazil ($ 89.99 – link), Food Brasil has direct interaction with it, opening navigation as soon as the restaurant address is clicked. An integration with the app TomTom exists in the Gold version.

Copy of address to clipboard

You don’t have a GPS navigator, but do you want to see on Google Maps where the restaurant is? Just copy the address and use it in any other program. It has never been easier. ?

Online backup

Now it allows you to save the list of favorites and desired on an online server, so you don’t lose everything in a system restore or when you occasionally uninstall the application.

Another novelty is also the inclusion of advertising banners, but they are not at all invasive. The benefits included are well worth the upgrade.

The Food Brasil project is constantly evolving, because whoever is behind it is, above all, passionate about mobile innovations and the possibilities that it can bring to each of us. Therefore, now there is also a Gold version of the application, which intends to always bring the latest news before being adopted in the free version.

For now, they are:

– Absence of advertising: for those who prefer an app «ads free“.

– Integration with TomTom application: with a simple touch, you open the route directly in the GPS navigator (you must purchase the application separately). It is the first in Brazil to have this integration and the second in the worldwide App Store.

– Always with the most advanced features: over time, the idea is that all the news will be made available first to Gold users and after a few months, to those of the free version.

For the next versions, new features are planned, such as integration with Foursquare for checkin and tips, advanced filters, among others.

Do you want to try it today? Would you like to know the app before you buy it? So download the free version right now and see how it works. It is available at App Store (link), compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, OS 3.0. Installation more than recommended. ?

The Gold version is priced at $ 4.99 (link), but for a limited time until the end of the month. After that, it will cost $ 6.99.