Get news from Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and more at once with Mailbrew

Get news from Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and more at once with Mailbrew

There are those who hate to receive newsletters by email (perhaps because of spam), but there are a number of users who not only like it, but depend on them to stay informed.

If yours is the last case, and you also access the daily Twitter, The YouTube or the Reddit, then todayā€™s news will serve you well: I speak of Mailbrew, a service that allows you to create newsletters from various sources (Google News, Hacker News and RSS feeds).

Mailbrew aims to save your time, gathering the news and updates you like best from various sources and inserting them in a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter (according to your preference) that will be sent to your email.

Mailbrew settings

The service is also extremely customizable: you can choose to include images and turn them into thumbnails, or even remove all visual information so you can focus on the content.

Mailbrew Dashboard

More than staying informed, the service is extremely productive in the sense of preventing you from accessing the same sites several times a day to keep up with the news. In addition, it prevents you from spiraling around the web when you could dedicate that time to other activities.

Mailbrew fonts

The least pleasurable part, say, is that the free version of Mailbrew allows you to create three weekly newsletters (from Reddit or feeds RSS); to create newsletters from other platforms, you need to subscribe to the service ($ 10 / month or $ 96 / year).

So, what did you think?

via 9to5Mac