Get in harmony with the environment and calm yourself with the sounds of this app

Get in harmony with the environment and calm yourself with the sounds of this app

The App Store is full of apps that promise to reassure users from sounds that generally bring calm and harmony to the environment; however, despite the fact that the majority actually deliver what they promise, only a few go further and offer integration with most iOS features. THE Dark Noise is one of them.

Created by developer and designer Charlie Chapman, we can say that Dark Noise is a complete app for its category. As for the main functions of the software (the sounds), the user can choose between 38 different noises.

Dark Noise: Home screen

On the playback screen, you can set a timer for the current noise; the app also allows you to set a specific time / duration of the day for it to play. As we said, Dark Noise offers a range of integrations with iOS features, including AirPlay, which makes it possible to transmit audio from iPhones to other compatible devices that are on the same Wi-Fi network.

In addition, the app has a widget for iOS fully customizable to include a maximum of four of your favorite noises (or, by default, show recently played sounds). The user can also configure Siri Shortcuts to play any of the available sounds and choose from more than 20 alternative icons and eight different color themes.

Dark Noise: themes

Dark Noise is available for both iPhone and iPad (with support for Split View and Slide Over), making the most of the tablet’s interface by combining the playback screen and noise list into one.

Dark Noise on the iPad

According to Chapman, the app will still receive great features in future updates, including the ability to reproduce multiple noises simultaneously to create a mix custom. Other than that, the app really does offer all the other features found in most software in the category.

Dark Noise app icon

Dark Noise is available on the App Store for R $ 15.