Microsoft Teams is coming to Linux soon

After some rumors, Microsoft confirms that its team communication platform reaches Linux.

Many would not imagine that one day, the all-powerful Microsoft would join Linux and launch its products for it steadily and even incorporate the Linux kernel into Windows with WSL. Now the turn of Microsoft Teamsand may land on Penguin lands soon. Microsoft Teams is coming to Linux soon

Well, the rumors started when they discovered a topic on UserVoice, a forum commonly used by companies to listen to suggestions from users. The post 2016 by user Angela Sze asking for a version of MS Teams for Linux. From this date until September 6th, there was always someone in charge of development responding to the topic. Votes in this period rose exponentially.

Until recently, several foreign Linux influencers have found this topic and as soon as it has been released, it is coming in at nearly 10,000 votes (9,234 so far). Unlike Adobe, which is covered by us in this article and is no longer out of Review Status, MS Teams is being worked on. The confirmation came through developer Christopher Scott, on personal Twitter.

Taking a look at the repository,, we can see which distros would be initially supported, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE and Debian for example.

We may then soon have a version of Microsoft Teams for Linux covering most of the distros. I venture to say in the very near future that MS Office and Edge will also arrive on Linux.

If you want to vote and further increase the numbers, just access the VoiceUser post link here.

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