Gamehub, join multiple platforms in a single library!


«Linux gamers» are already familiar with game platforms such as Steam, itch.io and software that make it possible to play non-native games, for example PlayOnLinux and Lutris, not to mention the numerous emulators. Well, the application GameHub has a proposal similar to that of the famous Lutris, to aggregate its different games in one place.

Developed in GTK 3 and Vala, GameHub intends to organize its game library, leaving all (or most) in a single program, as stated above, the software is very reminiscent of Lutris, with which you can add games from different platforms such as : Steam, GoG, Humblebundle, emulators by Retroarch and games via Wine and Proton.


GameHub installation options on your system

There are several ways to obtain the program, both via deb, Snap, Flatpak and AppImage. In my private tests, the file downloaded in «.deb» did not do very well, with numerous errors, in which some I researched and found the solution and others I did not even look for, because I thought «I will not indicate something that gives so much trouble» , so I discarded that option.

Another one that was not successful was its version in AppImage, which presented the same problems as “.deb”, already those with Snap and Flatpak formats, I didn’t have so many bugs.

Keep in mind that GameHub is software in development, and bugs are expected.

So feel free to test the DEB version, on Github page of the application, there is every step by step to install PPA, another possibility is download the AppImage, DEB or Flatpak, but I will focus on Snap and Flatpak. And what is the best format? This cruel doubt we answered in another post, check it out.

Installing GameHub via Snap

If you do not have Snap configured in your distro, learn how to proceed in this post that we did with all affection, if you are using Ubuntu 18.04 onwards, it is already enabled.

You can install GameHub via terminal with the command:

sudo snap install gamehub-fenriswolf --edge

Removing GameHub via terminal:

sudo snap remove gamehub-fenriswolf


As it is a software in development errors can occur, for example when I tested it a few months ago, its snap version did not display the icon in the system menu, and when running it via terminal, the app did not start.

Installing GameHub via Flatpak

Learn how to configure Flatpak on Ubuntu and other distributions, in Linux Mint it comes by default.

So with the Snap option, the GameHub in Flatpak can be installed either via the terminal or through the store, the choice is up to you.

First we have to download the file “.flatpak”, but there is one caveat, always check the version and name of the file, and adapt the command.

For example, the version I ran the tests on was “0.13.1-31.dev”By name“GameHub-bionic-0.13.1-31-dev-ac109bf.flatpak”, So assuming there is a new version of the app, you would add that information to the command after“wget https://github.com/tkashkin/GameHub/releases/download/”.

wget https://github.com/tkashkin/GameHub/releases/download/0.13.1-31-dev/GameHub-bionic-0.13.1-31-dev-ac109bf.flatpak

The download will be done in the directory you open the terminal, by default it is in your home.

Now install the program (replace with the name of the package you downloaded):

flatpak install GameHub-bionic-0.13.1-31-dev-ac109bf.flatpak

If you want to remove the application:

flatpak remove com.github.tkashkin.gamehub/x86_64/master 

To install GameHub, through the store, download the program through this link (the other versions in DEB and AppImage, can also be found in the link).

Double-click on the flatpak and install via the store, if for some reason you can’t do it this way, try with the previous command.


Your games in one place!

Alternatives are always welcome, however in the time that I tested GameHub, I noticed that its configuration is not always as intuitive as in Lutris, the emulators section is confusing, usability must be polished and its proposal to unify platforms is not employed in the best way, errors when logging in with my Steam account also occurred, another point are the numerous bugs when trying to install or run the software, in its current state, I believe that your test to support the project or curiosity is valid, however alternatives such as POL or Lutris, are more mature and reliable.

And have you had good experiences with GameHub? Was there any difficulty in installing or configuring the software? Leave your opinion in the comments, and tell us if you prefer Lutris, PlayOnLinux or any other alternative.

I wait for you in the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY! ?

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