Gadgets don’t cause headaches

Gadgets don't cause headaches

The use of electronic devices, such as consoles, mobile phones or television, does not cause headaches or migraines to teenagers, guarantees a study published today on the specialized website BMC Neurology.

The same analysis suggests, however, a relationship between reports of headache episodes and consumption of «one to two hours of music a day».

The researchers observed 1,025 young people, between 13 and 17 years old, with the aim of understanding the relationship between the use of electronic equipment and the occurrence of various types of headaches.

According to one of those responsible for the study, Astrid Milde-Busch, from the University of Munich (Germany), «the excessive use of average electronic drugs is often associated with harmful health effects, such as obesity, lack of exercise or symptoms such as tiredness, stress, difficulties with concentration and sleep disorders «, but the studies presented on the street related to headaches were confusing or even non-existent – in the case of using computer games, for example.

Of the approximately 1,000 young people interviewed, 489 said they suffered from headaches – regularly at least once a month for the past six months – and 536 had no complaints.

Experts compared the use of gadgets made by the elements of the two groups and found no relationship between headache and the use of televisions, electronic games, mobile phones or computers.

Even so, a «significant» relationship between daily consumption of music and headaches was noted, but the researchers warn that the data do not allow to conclude whether the consumption of music is responsible for the pain or if it is the result of it, in the insofar as it can be used by young people as a kind of «self-therapy» to relax.