Game DDTank receives Portuguese version for Android devices

Game DDTank recebe versão em português para dispositivos Android

The famous turn-based shooter, DDTANK receives its Portuguese version for Android devices this Wednesday, March 9th.

DDTank mobile brazil

DD Tank is originally a web game, free to play (free-to-play), but its success was such that the game received its mobile version for devices Android and iOS in 2015. And since Brazil has many players, the Proficient City, developer of the mobile version of the game, will gift fans the day March, 9 this year with the Portuguese version of the game on Google Play. See the ad trailer below:

DDTank mobile can be defined as a turn-based shooter and has the same basic features as the browser version, but with all the convenience that only a mobile device allows, in addition to a fluid experience.

The game has a story mode, where you can collect items and strengthen your character while learning how to play. By unlocking the arena, the player is ready for the classic PvP confrontations, and the confrontations are leveled, at least all of mine were with others players with levels similar to mine. There are more than 300 million users worldwide, but rest assured, if you don’t want to play online, you can play offline too.

DDTank is free to download, but has purchases in-app. Click on the links to download the game and have fun: Android, iOS.

When I was younger I used to gather people, open Teamspeak, and spend hours having fun with Gunbound. Since DDTank is very similar I already downloaded it and am having fun, and you already played DDTank? Will play?