Free utility replaces your Touch Bar icons with a Dock, widgets and contextual shortcuts

EnergyBar, utilitário para modificar a Touch Bar

Bought a MacBook Pro recent, but does not see much use in Touch Bar? You have two options: solemnly ignore it or try to change its nature so that it brings something useful to your usage pattern. If the second option seems more interesting, today we have a good tip: the EnergyBar.

It is a free and open source utility for macOS that, well, almost completely replaces the elements of the bar with widgets and contextual shortcuts according to its use. You can customize the software to show you exactly what you want – starting with a Dock, where you can view your favorite applications and directories (and, who knows, permanently hide the Dock on the Desk to save space).

It is also possible to add widgets to the bar: one of them shows the currently open app, while the other one brings a «Now Playing» to display the music currently playing – just touch and hold to open your music playback app. Other examples of widgets include weather, battery level, clock and more.

The “core” elements of the Touch Bar remain intact: you will still have access to the Esc key (on MacBooks Pro that do not have a physical key, of course) and the control bar, with volume and brightness adjustments.

EnergyBar can be downloaded directly from your GitHub page. It’s worth taking a look – and giving your bar a new life.


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