Free App of the Week: Camera Plus (the other)

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Every week Apple leaves an app on the App Store for free for all its users. The one chosen this time was the Camera Plus, an app that proposes to offer some extra functions to the iPhone camera.

We here are always bothered by apps that use the names of other popular apps. This one is one, which came well after the already known Camera +, from tap tap tap. This often causes confusion and loss for developers, and we were amazed to see Apple highlighting an app that uses this kind of device.

Camera Plus

The proposal of both is very similar: to increase the possibilities of configurations when taking a photo or video. The differential of this is the function AirSnap, which allows you to use another device, such as an iPad or another iPhone, as a remote control to push the button remotely.

THE Camera Plus can be downloaded for free through this link, until next Thursday.