Facebook globally releases feature that shows establishments with free Wi-Fi networks near you

It is okay that the price of mobile internet franchises in Brazil has been falling satisfactorily in recent times, but in any case and especially after the political decision of operators to totally block users' access when they reach the contracted limit, none of us are exempt from escape from that moment of horror: you are on the street, cell phone in hand, solving some very important question via the internet, when the dreaded SMS arrives saying that your package has reached its end.

With that, you have some options to deal with this cruel and unbeatable world. One of them sit and cry; alternatively, you can respond to the operator's fast SMS by requesting an additional package that will certainly cost your eyes. The third option, of course, wandering the streets in search of some holy establishment that offers the osis called free Wi-Fi.

If your approach to solving the problem falls into this third option, some very unlikely to be able to help you from now on: o Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the giant, announced that it is expanding the resource globally to find free Wi-Fi networks, which had already been released in some areas including certain Brazilian cities in an initial testing phase.

The functionality, which is present in the social network application for iOS and (now also) Android, can be found in the app menu (the icon with three horizontal bars). When touching “Find Wi-Fi Networks”, a map is displayed with the user's location and nearby points that offer free networks, with extra information such as opening hours and type of establishment. For the feature to work, the user must grant the Facebook app the ability to always access your location.

If you own a place that offers free Wi-Fi and want to include the establishment in the resource map, you must check this option in the edit field of the page for it on Facebook. There is no need to pay anything to join the resource.

as Paul McCartney said more than thirty years ago: No More Lonely Nights. Now, Zuck replies: No More Disconnected Nights.

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via TechCrunch