99 Vidas – New Brazilian game available for Linux


Looking for a new game to reset on vacation? How about playing the new Brazilian release on Steam, the beat em ‘up, 99 Lives.

I really like to support the national market, I believe that we need to value our professionals more. There are a lot of people who dream of developing games and automatically end up thinking about leaving the country to be able to work fully, thanks to the current market scenario, which is a shame.

We will show here a game that survived (or lived) to / in the Brazilian market, 99 Vidas, the podcast game of the same name.

Let’s encourage the Brazilian industry, so tell us what other national game would you like to see on the channel? Which one do you recommend?

Do you want to work with development in Brazil?

We have a complete episode of DioCast with one of the largest game development studios in Brazil, Aquiris de Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul. Check it out here.

To the next!