EXIF ​​Viewer, Line Rider, Lossless Photo Squeezer and more!

App Store Deals of the Day: EXIF ​​Viewer, see / saw, My Movies 2 Pro and more!

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THE EXIF Viewer, created by Fluntro staff, is an excellent photo utility.

Through it, you can get all the information about lens, focus, aperture and more. If you want to share images without information, such as location, date of capture and others, you’ve found your app!

Need to change a photo’s date or location? The EXIF ​​Viewer is also used for this.

An excellent utility, do not waste time and download now! ?

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Below are other applications / games that together add up more than R $ 82 discount:

IOS Apps

Sorry, app not found.

Create clues.

Strike Writer & Publisher app icon

Text editor.

LAYĂ’UT app icon

Image editor.

8bitWar app icon: Necropolis

Strategy game.

Sorry, app not found.

Altimeter / compass.

MacOS app

Lossless Photo Squeezer - Reduce Image Size app icon

Utility for images.

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Enjoy the offers and see you tomorrow – remember that they are always for a limited time, so it’s good to run! ?