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7 best free and easy to use online video editors Do you need a free online video editor that leaves no watermark? We have gathered the best options for those who need to cut, join, mirror, lighten and edit their films. All without …

Do you need a free online video editor that leaves no watermark? We have gathered the best options for those who need to cut, join, mirror, lighten and edit their films. All without paying or downloading anything. Check out!

1. Movie Maker Online

online video editor Movie Make

Despite the name, the Movie Maker Online it has nothing to do with the popular Microsoft software. The service allows you to add video from your computer, mobile phone or Facebook e. You can cut, add effects, music or text.

Then just press the button Make Video and download edited content. Although it is practical and does not insert a watermark on the material, the editor is not one of the most intuitive on our list. best suited for those who already have some previous experience with editing.

2. YouTube Editor

YouTube Editor

Not everyone knows, but the YouTube it has a free and very intuitive online video editor. To use it, you need to have an account on the platform or Google services.

After uploading the file, just click the button Edit video, just below the player. The tool allows you to cut parts of the film, insert a soundtrack and even blur the faces of people who have not authorized your appearance.

If publishing it on YouTube, the user can also choose the final screen, deciding which and how many related links to include. But, if you prefer, download the edited material and share it wherever you want.

3. Clipchamp

clipchamp online video editor

THE Clipchamp one of the most popular video editors today. The website has a look that simplifies use and does not insert a watermark. In addition to a generic editor, it also offers tools to compress videos, convert to different formats and record videoconferences.

To use, I need to login with your Google account, Facebook or your email. Very complete, the editing feature allows you to easily choose the video size according to the platform where it will be published.

There are also options for cropping, including text and effects, background color and even including your own logo. The only one, however, that in the free version, the material can only be saved with a maximum quality of 480p.

4. FlexClip

flexclip online video editor

THE FlexClip another good option to edit video online, for free and without having to have editing knowledge. But it is only useful for working with a maximum of 1 minute of content.

The rich gallery of thematic videos, ideal for those who want to make films with texts and messages is one of the great differentials of the service. But it is also possible to upload the file available on your device. The program does not insert a watermark.

The user can cut the movie, record audio and insert soundtrack, in addition to ordinary or dynamic text. The tool also allows to include logo, filter, adjust the image as well as the reproduction speed.

5. Ezgif

ezgif "height =" 300 "src =" "width =" 416

Known as the creator of GIFs, the Ezgif it also offers free, non-watermarked online video editor. The perfect platform for those who do not have any editing experience and accept files from the device or sent by link.

Just click on the tab corresponding to the type of edition, upload the file and put your hand on the work. Among the available features are cropping, turning, resizing, mirroring, changing speed and removing audio.

Ezgif supports movies of up to 100 MB in MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, 3GP formats, among others.

6. Kapwing


THE Kapwing one of the most complete editors on our list. The tool allows you to join videos, cut, insert borders, subtitles and soundtrack. It is also possible to put emojis in your movies, as well as fun pictures and shapes.

In addition to the editor, Kapwing has other features to work with your videos, focused on specific actions. Among the many options available are the proper tools for including captions, cropping and editing aspects of the image.

You can also use the resizing features, put the video backwards, mirroring, among several others.

7. 123Apps

123apps online video editor

THE 123Apps a platform of free online applications. With regard to video editing, it offers a tool for cutting and converting formats. No watermark is inserted into the material produced.

Like Online Video Cutterjust choose the video and select the start and end point of the movie. If you want, you can rotate the image and change the format. The converter is already compatible with more than 300 extensions and allows uploading files of up to 2Gb.

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