Elcomsoft says it can now recover deleted notes from iCloud for more than 30 days

Elcomsoft says it can now recover deleted notes from iCloud for more than 30 days

A few months ago, we talked here about a flaw discovered in iCloud which made it possible to recover, among other elements, notes that (in theory) had already been deleted from Apple's cloud service. At the time of that post, however, the only notes that could be recovered were those deleted in the last 30 days, since iCloud has the function of saving the files for this period if the user wishes to retrieve them after that, so that the notes are only definitely uprooted from its existence.

Well, it seems that it’s not exactly like this: in a post on its official blog, the producer of tools for data recovery Elcomsoft announced that the new version of its software Phone Breaker able to recover iCloud notes deleted more than 30 days ago in some cases, even files that have been deleted several years ago. Sinister, isn't it?

Phone Breaker 6.5 recovering long deleted notes from iCloudPhone Breaker 6.5

The post details how to use Phone Breaker 6.5 to recover long deleted notes from iCloud, and for example, an iPhone with 288 notes saved on this same device, the program managed to recover 334 notes; the oldest one had been deleted in 2012. Yes, five years ago! Elcomsoft makes it clear that, depending on the device, results may vary and there is no guarantee that those old notes will be recovered, but even so, we are talking about quite a slip by Apple in terms of security.

Ma, in turn, has not yet commented on the failure, so it is not clear whether we are talking about a simple case of “forgetting” to delete data that should be deleted or if Elcomsoft discovered a flaw in the iCloud system itself. . Anyway, here is the reminder: on the internet, nothing you do or create really ceases to exist, so don't do or create anything that you can regret later.

Oh, and if you're interested in recovering long-deleted notes for some reason, the Phone Breaker 6.5 is available for sale on the Elcomsoft website for $ 80 (~ $ 260). Have fun or not.

via Tom’s Hardware