Before time! Check out the first Nintendo Switch unboxing

Antes da hora! Confira o primeiro unboxing do Nintendo Switch

North American received the console two weeks earlier than expected and did an unboxing showing everything from the Switch

Before time!  Check out the first Nintendo Switch unboxingAre you ready for the world’s first Nintendo Switch unboxing?

THE Nintendo Switch will be released internationally in two weeks. Although there is no set date to arrive in Brazil, fans here can get the console with a few days delay from the official launch, March 3, through online stores.

What nobody expected was that there would be an early delivery of a Nintendo Switch for an American. According to the Floko website, the user HipHopTheRobot got his hands on his console well before it officially hit the market. A store that was not identified ended up sending the Switch to the young man who made a point of making a unboxing of product.

In the video, the young man shows the closed product box and then opens it. The first thing we can see is the Joy-Con and the video game screen. Everything is protected by Styrofoam and plastic.

Then the Hip hop remove the base for the Joy-Con to become a control. In addition, we can see the product manuals, an HDMI cable, a power supply and the Nintendo Switch dock. The young man also takes the opportunity to make the first settings of the console in front of the cameras.

Console unboxing

What you need to know about the Nintendo Switch

The Switch is the new Nintendo console that was announced at dawn on January 13 this year. Since then, we have been able to learn a little more about the games that will be part of the first year of the video game, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, FIFA 18, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Oddysey.

We discovered the controls battery life and the Switch itself out of the socket, in addition to the lack of Netflix and other apps on the console right when it launches.

As we reported in the Showmetech, the video game will at first be focused only on running games in the best possible way. Nintendo has been taking great care since the Wii U fiasco, but they expect the console to be as strong as the Wii.

You can also check the technical specifications of the Switch that were leaked on our website.

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