Basalt Software creates Linux-based system to compete with Windows in Russia


That Russia does not go with the face of large US companies is not a big news, it is not only in the technological aspect that countries do not get along, there are many political and even historical factors in the middle of it all, but even so , Windows is still a very popular platform «in the land of Vodka», at least for now.

After the launch of Windows 10, things got hot for Microsoft in Russia, some time ago some lawyers wanted to ban the country’s Microsoft system claiming espionage.

As time goes by, the country’s ideal becomes clearer, they don’t want to depend on any North American technology, so they already have their own search engine and “Google Chrome”, the Yandexare planning your own Mobile system and already use Linux, which is something “without owner”, as an internal solution in the government’s technology department.

But unlike other technologies, the operating system of computers is something that is very much rooted in the way people use technology, just because Microsoft has dominated this market for decades, this makes a big change, not only from the Government or from companies, where this can be imposed, both by state leaders and by company directors, in the homes of Russian families is a little more complicated.

To try to provide a viable option for the common public (and for the corporate and governmental sector), the Russian company Basalt Software announced the launch of its Linux-based operating system, we do not have information about its name or images, but as soon as there are updates, they will be posted here on the blog.

According to information, the company would have spent 1.5 million dollars this year to develop the platform that uses Linux as a kernel and next year another 4 million will be invested. One part, about 2.4 million, will be used to give life to “first-rate support”, according to them, and the rest, spent on marketing and publicizing the new platform. We have no information on the value of the operating system, but everything indicates that it will be free.

Stay tuned here, when we have news about this new Russian Linux distro, you will know.

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