Apple officially starts production of iPhones SE in India

In test, iPhone SE battery outperforms those of the iPhones 5s and 6s – and even the Galaxy S7

The smartphone market was invaded by phablets, the famous phones with giant screens. One of the characteristics of these devices (in addition to the huge screen, which holds much more information at once) is that, due to their large physical size, their batteries are also quite superior when compared to those of smaller phones resulting in a better service life.

But the iPhone SE, Ma's new 4-inch screen device, arrived to show that it doesn't have to be big to have an honest battery.

SE iPhones in their four angled and side colors

In a test carried out by the Wall Street Journal in which the devices were browsing websites with equal configuration settings (including screen brightness), the iPhone SE managed to reach the 10 hour mark much better than the iPhone 6s (7:45 am), iPhone 5s (7:15 am) and even Galaxy S7 (~ 7 hours).

This shows how Apple's obsession with making ever thinner iPhones really goes against something that users really want: a decent battery. In addition, the company managed to put the same camera of the iPhone 6s in the SE without it protruding another positive point of the device that has an old design, but highly praised by consumers.

Don't get me wrong. I find the iPhone 6 / 6s beautiful even more than the 5 / 5s / SE. I'm not a fan of stripes, but I find his body as a whole more pleasant / modern. But the point here is not this, but rather the fixation of Apple by devices (mainly smartphones) that are increasingly thin, compromising other areas (in the case of the 6 / 6s, the battery and the rear camera).

Do we always need to follow this path? The iPhone SE can be a great indication that it isn't. I wonder how the battery performance of an iPhone 6s with a 4-inch screen would be, wondering if the iPhone SE could have followed the same design 😕