Bahian dialect right on your iPhone or iPod touch

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Bahian dictionary

In this continental-sized Brazilian, full of accents and “dialects”, it is sometimes difficult to understand what the inhabitants of the different corners of the country say. To help a little to those who travel a lot, the developer Joaquim Venâncio has just launched a dictionary of Bahian dialect, with a collection of more than 550 typical Bahia terms, with their meanings.

Bahian dictionary

The application is simple and content to show the words in alphabetical order. There is still no search for terms incorporated, nor greater interactivity with the user. However, it can be fun for those who are curious to get to know Bahian culture better, although several slang terms are also used in other parts of the country.

It can be found at App Store (link) for the price of $ 0.99. Works with iPhone OS from 2.2.

For those interested in testing, we will be distributing 4 promotional codes today on Twitter until noon. Learn how to use them and stay tuned. ?