bada materializes Samsung’s bet for smartphones

تريد شركة Samsung تحويل Bada إلى مشروع مفتوح المصدر

It has been in the works for some time now, but Samsung’s new mobile operating system, bada, has now been introduced, an open platform that the Korean company wants to use to replace Nokia-sponsored Symbian in 2010.

The new operating system follows the philosophy already adopted by other players of promoting the development of applications to run on the operating system, with the difference that the code is open, similar to what happens with Android, supported by several companies.

In an interview with Digitimes, a person in charge of Samsung, assured that the company will continue to bet on mobile phones with Windows Mobile and Android in 2010, but will not manufacture more equipment with Symbian.

Apparently, Samsung does not intend to add partners for the bada, which it developed despite the multiplicity of mobile operating systems that already exist in the market and the strength that competitors such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Blackberry have.

The name bada means ocean in Korean and Samsung’s goal is to ensure a richer experience when using smartphones. The company ensures that the operating system also starts from the premise of simplicity of use with a user interface built from the ground up.

Samsung has been gaining a prominent position in the sale of equipment, betting on different operating systems, on which it placed its own user interface. But now it wants to differentiate itself in this area, and in application development.