Assoft reinforces fight against piracy in line with ICOMP

Assoft reinforces fight against piracy in line with ICOMP

Concerned about the escalation of content piracy and copyright violations, Assoft is intensifying its connection to ICOMP, an industry initiative that brings together several international entities and which aims to defend a more competitive market. Manuel Cerqueira, explained in an interview to TeK that this connection is very relevant to be able to act in the markets where legislative decisions are made, at the same time that he achieves an important lobby that gains greater power of intervention.

ICOMP recently produced a set of recommendations aimed at ensuring greater transparency and competitiveness in the market, addressing issues related to the protection of copyright on the Internet, privacy and limiting monopolistic attitudes in areas such as Internet advertising and research. One of the defined targets, but never named in this entity’s report, is Google.

Manuel Cerqueira admits that the research giant is one of the main ones targeted in these recommendations due to the practices he has assumed in research, advertising and even in the publication of books, which have already caused him some discomfort but, in the opinion of ICOMP, have not yet been circumscribed. by the action of market legislators and regulators.

ICOMP believes that it is possible to improve these practices through tighter regulation against the problems that intellectual property owners currently face on the Internet. More than recommendations, the organization leaves some questions to lawmakers about the chances of the content producers market to survive in a scenario where Google’s dominance is overwhelming and the ways to “circumvent” copyright evolve at a breakneck pace.

The organization is already developing a series of projects for continuous market analysis and proposed lines of action and good practices and this week it again protested against the strangulation of local research that arises from Google’s domain in this area.

Assoft was invited to participate in this international partnership with ICOMP as a founding member, joining a number of entities including 50 companies – including Microsoft -, associations and individuals, in a total of more than 1,600 members representing 15 countries.