New aerial video shows an Apple Park for the first time looking more ready than a construction site [atualizado]

We saw in the air video of the past month that the Apple Park they are already in the final stage, but now for the first time I say that we have a more expensive place than it is still under construction, although there is still a lot to be completed.

The capture and editing were once again done by Matthew Roberts, which brought us today the first video captured by a drone after the Visitor Center (Visitor Center) of Apple Park was officially opened.

The entire landscaping of the place is well advanced now, and they have even put water in the fountain that is there inside the "spaceship".

We can also see the sports courts being set up there in the Fitness Center area.

Too cool, right ?!

Update 12/05/2017 s 09:25

Two weeks later, today was the turn of Duncan Sinfield publish your newest aerial video.

In addition to more advanced landscaping on the inside of the “spaceship”, no big news here: